Rural Advisory Services Worldwide

Rural Advisory Services Worldwide
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Barbara Adolph
02 May 2011
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gfras-synthsis2011-web-smallA Synthesis of Actors and Issues

The purpose of this synthesis report is to provide the required background information and analysis that will - together with other ongoing validation activities–enable GFRAS, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services, to develop its five-year-strategy and work plan, in order to fulfil its mission and objectives. GFRAS was created to provide a space for advocacy and leadership on pluralistic, demand-driven rural advisory services within the global development agenda that promote sustainable rural growth and help the poor. GFRAS’ four objectives are to (1) provide a voice for advisory services within global policy dialogues, (2) support the development and synthesis of evidence-based approaches and policies for improving the effectiveness of rural advisory services (RAS); (3) facilitate interaction and networking for individual, organisational, and institutional capacity strengthening in RAS; and (4) promote the creation of an enabling environment for improved investment in RAS.