Annual Meeting Reports

10th GAM - Negril, Jamaica, 2019
"Role of RAS in Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management"

9th GAM - Jeonju, Korea, 2018

"Addressing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities: Developing Effective Partnerships in RAS"

8th GAM - Ingham and Townsville, Australia, 2018

"Rural Advisory Services and Empowered Youth for Balanced Transformation in Rural and Urban Communities"

7th GAM - Limbé, Cameroon, 2016
"The Role of Rural Advisory Services for Inclusive Agripreneurship"
6th GAM - Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, 2015
"Global Good Practices in Rural Advisory Services"
5th GAM - Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015
"Rural Advisory Services Policies - Evidence and Practice"
4th GAM - Berlin, Germany, 2013
"The Role of Private Sector and producer Organisations in Rural Advisory Services"
3rd GAM - Manila, Philippines, 2012
"The Role of Rural Advisory Services in Agricultural Innovation Systems"
2nd GAM - Nairobi, Kenya, 2011
"Current Issues in Rural Advisory Services"
1st GAM - Viña del Mar, Chile, 2010
"Networking, Long-Term Strategy, and Toolkit for Evaluating Extension Systems"

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