Experience Capitalisation

Learning Programme on Experience Capitalisation for Continuous Learning

In order to support the facilitation and enhancement of effective and continuous knowledge generation and exchange, FAO proposed to GFRAS members the importance of capitalization of good practices for continuous learning and the development of the e-leaming course on experience capitalization. Experience Capitalisation is proposed as a process through which an experience is identified, validated and documented, leading to learning and identification of good practices which can then be adapted, improved, adopted by others and up-scaled, leading to a greater impact. An FAO e-learning course initially developed in English has been adapted into French, Spanish and Russian, and is available as a self-paced course on the FAO e-learning centre, free of charge.

This project was designed as a collaborative effort to co-use the methodology of experience capitalization for GFRAS and its members working in Europe and Central Asia. This is of particular interest to the following four regional networks: Central Asia and Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services (CAC-FRAS), European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (EUFRAS), the Internationale Akademie für ländliche Beratung (IALB), and the South-Eastern Europe Advisory Service Network (SEASN).

GFRAS continues to promote Experience Capitalization throughout its Network, as an approach to ensure knowledge is capture, processed, and shared amongst the various member networks.


What is Experience Capitalisation?



Mentoring Programme

Eight selected participants were mentored by experts in order to work on knowledge products documenting their experience. 

Knowledge products developed during the programme are now available. Among several themes identified for capitalisation are digitalization in RAS and extension, gender, climate change. These documents can be accessed here:

Topic Country
Precision Agriculture in Seedling Production in Albania Albania
An Online Mentoring Service for Small-Scale Livestock Farmers in Benin Benin
Food Safety at Small-Scale Developing a Hygiene Practice Guide for Smallholder Producers in Hungary Hungary
Training is Key to a Bright Future in Farming: Experience from Russia Russia
Towards Gender Equality in Tajikistan's Extension Services Tajikistan
Blended Public-Private Extension Provision Increases Farmer Revenue in Uganda Uganda
A Manifesto to Ensure a Voice for Farmers in Uganda Uganda
Performance-Based Training for Smallholder Producers in Ukraine Ukraine



- Sophie Treinen, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Knowledge Outreach Team Leader Coordinator of Knowledge Management and Gender Programme;

- Jorge Chavez-Tafur, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, Project Coordinator, Experience Capitalisation Expert

- Daria Dudenkova, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Senior Instructional Designer

- Botir Dosov, Central Asia and the Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services, Experience Capitalisation Expert