Upcoming Events

25 November - 03 December 2020 
"3rd Global Conference of the UN One Planet Network's Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme: Achieving the SDGs through Food Systems Transformation - On the Road to the Food Systems Summit in 2021" - VIRTUAL EVENT

The purpose of this conference is to provide substantial input to the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit. The objectives of this meeting are:
  • To strengthen the common vision that suggests that only through inclusive multi-stakeholder collaboration will be able to achieve the profound transformation, through a set of key actions and implementation mechanisms that our food systems require;
  • To provide a platform for structured discussion around the science underlying global efforts to characterize and assess progress towards more sustainable food systems;
  • and, overall, to raise the political importance of sustainable food systems among public and private sector leaders. 

Registrations are available here.
01 December 2020
"Resetting the Food System from Farm to Fork: Setting the Stage for the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit" - by the BCFN Foundation and Food Tank - VIRTUAL EVENT

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated the fragility of the global food systems but offers the opportunity to reset the way we produce, distribute and consume food in a long-term sustainable perspective. We need shared and systemic solutions and a global commitment to redesign the future

Join distinguished speakers and explore how we all play a role in re-aligning the global food system with human needs and within planetary boundaries - to end Thunder, improve health, sustain livelihoods and protect the natural environment.

Registrations are available here.