GFRAS is organised as an independent association and has as formal members entities bringing together actors in the domain of RAS. The GFRAS association includes a board, a general assembly, and is independently audited.

The Board is authorized to carry out all acts that further the purposes of the Association and is composed by representatives of regional networks and partner organisations, plus one seat for GFRAS' current host, AGRIDEA.

Activities are managed by the GFRAS secretariat, currently located in Switzerland.

Board Members

Norma Samuel, President, CAEPNet, University of Florida, USA
Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar, Vice-President, FAO, Italy/Mongolia
Mary Kamau, AFAAS, Formerly with the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya
Patrice Djamen, RESCAR-AOC, Cameroon/Burkina Faso
Rasheed Sulaiman V, AESA, India
Francisco Aguirre, RELASER, Chile
Botir Dosov, CAC-FRAS, Kyrgyzstan
Jussi Juhola, EUFRAS, ProAgria, Finland
Gibson Susumu, PIRAS, Fiji
Kristin Davis, IFPRI, South Africa
Ulrich Ryser, AGRIDEA, Switzerland

General Assembly

According to Article 8 of the GFRAS Association Statutes, the General Assembly is the Association’s supreme authority, and it is composed by all members, so represented:
• From member category A: six delegates from each region, geographically grouped as: 1. Americas and the Caribbean, 2. Africa, 3. Europe and Central Asia, and 4. Asia and Oceania, totalling 24 (twenty-four) members.
• From member category B: a maximum of 18 (eighteen) members, delegated from different sub-categories (i.e. farmers, donors, organisations, etc.)

The General Assembly shall hold an Ordinary Meeting once each year. It may also hold an extraordinary session whenever necessary, at the request of the Board or at GFRAS Association Statutes.