yemenThe Republic of Yemen is located in Western Asia. Its capital is Sana’a, and population 25,130,000 (2011). The country is divided into 20 governorates (Muhafizaat), which are further divided into districts.

Agriculture is diverse, main crops being sorghum, wheat and barley, and millions of mango trees. Most of the cultivable area is rain-fed. Groundwater and spate floods are major sources of irrigation. Most farmers are poor and subsistence. Rural women have not yet come into mainstream development.


  • Authored by M. Kalim Qamar (June 2012)
  • Edited by Burt E. Swanson
  • The latest information on extension organization was provided by Dr. Mohamed M.A. Al-Marwani, Director-General, General Directorate of Extension & Training Sana’a
  • The latest information on the Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA) was provided by Dr. Mansoor Aqil, Chairman, AREA, Dhamar
  • The latest information on extension aspects of universities in Yemen was provided by Dr. Ali Hasan Khalil, Assistant Professor, Department of Extension and Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ibb University, Ibb

[1] The original official title Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA) is in the process of being formally changed to Agricultural Research Authority (ARA).