swazilandSwaziland, also called as Ngwane or eSwatini, is a small, landlocked country located in southern Africa. It has two capitals – Mbabane (royal/administrative) and Lobamba (legislative). Swaziland’s population is slightly over one million.  The economically poor Swaziland is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Swaziland is administratively divided into four districts, and each district is sub-divided into tinkhundla, the total number of tinkhundla in the country being 55. Although geographically small in size, the country enjoys a variety of landscapes including mountains, savannas, rain forests, and several rivers. The peak of winter in the country is June and that of summer is December. Rainfall, mostly falling during the summer, is higher in the western region than in the eastern part. Winter months are dry. Temperatures depend on altitudes of locations, ranging from mild to quite hot.


  • Authored by M. Kalim Qamar (July 2013)
  • Edited by Burton E. Swanson