Participants from all regions of the world working in RAS or in related fields are welcome at the 9th GFRAS Annual Meeting. Stakeholders from different sectors – public, private, and civil society – are encouraged to register for the meeting, including representatives of farmer organisations, private companies, research and education institutions, development agencies, media and others. In order to guarantee a participatory meeting with a focus on networking and exchange, the number of participants will be limited to approximately 150. If more people register, participants will be selected by the GFRAS Annual Meeting Organising Committee in a way to secure a best possible balance between regions, sub-regions, sector, gender, age and other criteria.

Limited funding is available to sponsor at least one representative per region to attend the meeting. Partner organisations are welcome to sponsor additional participants. 

There will be a registration fee of USD 200 for all participants who attend the GFRAS Annual Meeting.



Due date

Registration deadline for all participants

31 July

Confirmation of sponsored participants by GFRAS organising committee

7 August

For those sponsorship-seeking participants who received a negative answer: Deadline to apply as self-funded (or otherwise funded) participants

14 August

Confirmation of self-funded participants by GFRAS organising committee

14 August