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Field Trips

botirHow a simple chat shows that, for a career in agriculture, not only inputs and investments but also - and most importantly - knowledge and skills are essential factors. And that RAS can provide them.

Blog by Botir Dosov, Uzbekistan


The last of the field trips went to two very different sites with altogether quite different approaches to entrepreneurship. The visits got me thinking about the huge variety of businesses that the term agripreneurship can entail.

By Jussi Ilmari Juhola, Finland

ongus8Don't forget the important role that agripreneurship plays in attracting rural youth in agriculture. We therefore need to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to ensure this, i.e. mentorship and incubation centres as just one of the key things that need to be available. And yes, RAS organisations are potentially instrumental in this.

Blog by Emily Ongus, Kenya


luke1The highlight for me was the fact that they were well organised and had a women’s group. The women explained that they were Ghanaian immigrants in Cameroon for approximately 40 years. They receive no support from the government to access credit and rural extension services was not forth coming.

Blog with video by Luke Smith, Trinidad & Tobago

israelMore work is needed to help farmers access funding, develop processing mechanisms and build businesses. RAS could help agripreneurs prioritise production, understand market variability, improve saving and strategise production.   

Blog by Israel Bionyi, Netherland 

minataLes services de conseils en marketing, agro-business et transformation sont indispensables pour le développement d’une vraie chaine de valeur du cacao. Transformer le “Less chemical, less labour and heavy production” en “a lot of money, une question de survie!

Blog de Minata Fahré Coulibaly, Burkina Faso

five1A successful business model doesn’t always have to start as a group but it needs a strong leaders. In order to run a group business it needs a high commitment, shared vision and fair share of benefits as an engine to drive the business in the long run.


Blog by Anousone Phimmachanh, Laos