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Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

"The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for developing and implementing government policy in the agricultural, animal husbandry, natural resources and the environment sectors. Its main objectives are to improve the standard of living for farmers and the general welfare of the rural world." (retrieved 5/16/2011)

The following sections and within those departments are within the Ministry:

  • Agriculture
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Agricultural Research Institute (does not provide extension services)
  • Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • Veterinary Services Department
  • Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Remote Sensing Unit   

"The Department of Agriculture bears the primary responsibility for extending the agricultural scientific knowledge, implementing the agricultural policy and helping improve the financial situation and the standards of living of the people in the rural areas. In recent years, the scope of the development function of the Department of Agriculture has expanded beyond the advisory role and that of scheme management. ... More specifically, the main sectors of responsibility are:

  1. Provision of information, guidance and training to farmers and rural population to stay abreast of the current needs and developments.
  2. Operation of schemes, programmes and other policy measures related to agricultural and rural development, regulation and adjustment of production and disposal of agricultural products, and support of the income of producers.
  3. Implementation and enforcement of the phytosanitary and livestock legislation related to the legal regulation of production and the marketing of agricultural products and inputs.
  4. Provision of help and guidance to conserve and protect the agricultural and natural resources by promoting environmentally sound and safe agricultural methods and farm management practices.

The services of the Department of Agriculture operate at three levels: Headquarters, District, and Beat. At the Headquarters there are 13 specialist sections of the broad sectors of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, aiming at the promotion and implementation of the development projects and schemes of the Department and the adoption by the rural population of new improved methods and techniques in agriculture, animal husbandry and home economics. Under the close supervision and guidance of the respective specialist sections, the Department operates a number of state farms, nurseries and stations aiming at assisting farmers to improve plant and animal production. At the headquarters, there are also the necessary auxiliary services such as, laboratories, the accounts office, and the registry. 

At the District level, there are six District Agricultural Offices ..., which are suitably staffed for the implementation of the agricultural policy and the promotion of new improvements in the agricultural sector, through intensive training and guidance of the rural population and the promotion of the development projects and schemes."
(retrieved 5/16/2011)

List of Extension Providers

icon target The following list shows an excerpt from the GFRAS Directory of Extension Providers for Cyprus. Some of these entries may be specially marked for having more detailed information in the database of the Worldwide Extension Study WWES.