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Ministry of Agriculture

"The Ministry of Agriculture aims to establish and propagate a vibrant and dynamic agricultural sector, comprising small, medium and large market-driven agri-business enterprises. The focus is on maintaining an adequate level of food security and competitiveness through the production of high quality agricultural produce, as well as the efficient use of resources and appropriate technologies which are ably supported by an effective marketing system.  

The Ministry's objective is to transform and reposition the Agricultural Sector in Barbados through the promotion of an agri-business approach to farming, with particular attention being paid to the effective use of resources, as well as the adoption of appropriate technology and sound management practices in order to achieve internationally competitive production, processing and marketing enterprises, which contribute significantly to social and economic development and food security, as well as to the sustainable management of the natural resource base of the country." (retrieved 5/16/2011)  

Governmental extension and advisory services are provided through the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation  (6 extension staff in 2009)   IICA, Annual Report 2009:  IICA's Contribution to Development of Agriculture and Rural Communities in Barbados 


List of Extension Providers

icon target The following list shows an excerpt from the GFRAS Directory of Extension Providers for Barbados. Some of these entries may be specially marked for having more detailed information in the database of the Worldwide Extension Study WWES.