Antigua and Barbuda

antigua barbudaPublic Sector

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing, & the Environment
"The Ministry is responsible for formulating the Agricultural policy and to deal internationally with all matters related to trade in agricultural products. The Ministry of Agriculture also oversees the Central Marketing Corporation (CMC), a statutory body established in 1973 to facilitate the marketing of agricultural produce in Antigua and Barbuda. The Ministry is also the entity responsible for overseeing importation of plants and animals in to the country." (retrieved 5/16/2011)

The Agricultural Extension Division (AED) is one of 12 departments within the Ministry "AED is responsible for farmers and also for the allocation of state lands to farmers for agricultural purposes (based on rentals).

Services Offered By the AED

  • Ploughing Services
  • Maintaining settlement roads and drains within watershed
  • Facilitating the removal of beehives and the control of swarms
  • Providing advice on agricultural production, pests and disease management –this may be done in collaboration with other Departments or Agencies.

Other Services Allocating lands for agricultural purposes

Settling disputes concerning agricultural lands Ensure that lands are used for the purpose obtained Evicting delinquent farmers from agricultural lands" The Role of the Agricultural Sector  IICA Annual Report 2009:  IICA's Contribution to Development of Agriculture and Rural Communities in Antigua and Barbuda. 


List of Extension Providers

icon target The following list shows an excerpt from the GFRAS Directory of Extension Providers for Antigua and Barbados. Some of these entries may be specially marked for having more detailed information in the database of the Worldwide Extension Study WWES.