lesothoLesotho, formally known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, is a tiny, landlocked African country located like an island within the borders of a larger country, Republic of South Africa. Lesotho’s high mountains, some reaching as high as 3,500 meters, and rolling, lush green terrain have earned it the nickname, “The Kingdom in the Sky”. The population of Lesotho is about 2 million and the name of its capital is Maseru. Due to poor infrastructure, remote villages are accessible only on foot or horseback. Two main problems confronting Lesotho are widespread rural poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Due to its rather unusual geographical location, the country’s economy is largely influenced by the policies and developments in the surrounding South Africa.


  • Authored by M. Kalim Qamar (March 2014)
  • Edited by Burton E. Swanson