moroccoMorocco is located at the northwestern tip of the African continent, having both Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea coastlines. Its population is over 32 million, and the capital city is Rabat. Both Arabic and French languages are spoken. The country’s topography is mostly mountainous. The climate of Morocco is arid, with cold winters and long, hot summers, with occasional sandstorms. Rainfall is higher in the north as compared to the southern areas.

Morocco is administratively divided into 16 regions. The regions are sub-divided into 62 prefectures and provinces. The mostly coastal fishery industry is the important pillar of the country’s economy. Phosphates and phosphorus also constitute a key economic sub-sector. Forests cover about 12 percent of the total surface area.


  • Authored by M. Kalim Qamar (August 2013)
  • Edited by Burton E. Swanson