Blog: The role of the Agribusiness Coach in empowering farmers to participate in the cassava-starch-beer value chain in Nigeria

cassava 1The particular case depicts a typical public-private partnership (PPP), promoted by the 2SCALE Project (, which is active in over 50 value chain partnerships in 10 countries of sub-saharan Africa. In this case, cassava farmers were linked to a company (Psaltry), which in turn produces starch for Nigeria Breweries.

As well as technical advice (varieties, crop protection measures, harvesting methods), the organisation of farmers into producer groups and facilitating the negotiation of these groups with transporters and the processing company was key to making the overall value chain competitive. Coordinating these linkages was the role of an “agribusiness coach”, trained through a series of modules and learning cycles to provide this service.

Two versions of the film are available:

An 8-minute summary (to be presented at the GFRAS meeting), available at:

The full 40-minute version, showing these aspects in more detail:

by Richard Hawkins, Nigeria