Resolutions of the 2nd Annual GFRAS Meeting to the International Conference on Innovations in Extension and Advisory Services

Dr. Silim M. Nahdy

Executive Director, AFAAS

Chair, GFRAS Steering Committee


We, the Participants, Resolve to…


  • Share experiences through networking mechanisms such as web-based fora, national platforms, and regional and global meetings
  • Support efforts to advocate for a functional, innovative, and demand-led extension system from national to global level
  • Promote professionalisation and incentivisation of extension advisors
  • Identify, synthesise, and share quality material, innovative practices, roster of experts, directory of extension services, and other resources for advisory servicesin a “one-stop shop”
  • Seek to fill gaps in knowledge on effective approaches and policies, age and gender issues, and on ICTs-4-RAS
  • Be responsive to demands from the GFRAS constituents for supporting revitalised advisory services
  • Recognisepluralistic extension and advisory services as vital components of the extension system and strengthen their capacity to contribute to the larger agricultural innovation system
  • Take forward and implement the conference recommendations through our network ofnational, regional, and global stakeholders