Winners of the GFRAS Creative Competition: Youth in RAS

yurtYouth in Rural Advisory Services are crucial to develop and sustain effective, efficient, inclusive, and sustainable RAS systems. But youth in RAS is a complex issue, with many challenges - and opportunities - faced on different levels by many actors. In the GFRAS creative competition "Youth in RAS" young people working in agriculture and/or RAS were invited to reflect this topic in a creative way. The submissions were presented at the 6th GFRAS Annual Meeting and two winners selected.


Two kinds of submission were accepted: a) a vision depiction, or b) a poetic diction.

Here are the submissions:

All submission were presented at the 6th GFRAS Annual Meeting in Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, and the participants of the meeting were invited to rate them. And the winners are ...

Kheertiraj Siddapura with her photo “Digital women”

Maluleke Rhengu with his poem “Youth Agriculture”

The winners will be sponsored to attend the 7th GFRAS Annual Meeting in 2016.