New Publication: Agricultural Extension in Transition Worldwide

Magdalena Blum (FAO), Francesca Cofini (FAO) and Rasheed Sulaiman V (AESA) have prepared a new FAO publication:

AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION IN TRANSITION WORLDWIDE: POLICIES AND STRATEGIES FOR REFORM reviews the major reforms being considered internationally – reforms that aim to change the policy and institutional structure and operations of public sector agricultural extension systems, and thus enhance a transition to better coordinated pluralistic, demand-led advisory systems. The advantages and disadvantages of each aspect of these reforms are examined and illustrated by the selected case studies.

The modules provide a foundation for extension reform affecting the entire set-up and mode of operation of agricultural extension. This review of reforms is intended to provide insights for senior-level officials and others interested in the development of agricultural advisory systems and aim to provide a basis for informed decision-making by government policy-makers and senior management of extension and advisory services, as well as agricultural advisors.

The publication is available for download here: