Operational Plan 2021-2025: Consultation

The Operational Plan is the document that guides the work priorities for the GFRAS network for a five-year period and is based on the GFRAS strategic framework for the period 2016-2025.

The draft version of the Operational Plan contains a list of activities suggested by the regional and sub-regional networks that collectively constitute GFRAS, and is now available for download:

Many of these activities are relevant and will add value to rural advisory services providers and the farming communities that they serve. Unfortunately, we cannot do all of them at the same time and therefore require your assistance in setting priorities.

For prioritising the activities we ask you to kindly fill in this poll and reflect upon which activities you believe are most relevant, indicating TWO (2) activities per strategic field.

If you have feedback to the entire operational plan, please channel this through one of the regional networks, no later than April 30th 2020. The more constructive and critical feedback we receive, the better we can assure that what GFRAS does adds value and relevance to your daily work and to our joint effort of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by improving the livelihoods of family farmers around the world.