Want to learn more about the topic "The Role of Rural Advisory Services for Inclusive Agripreneurship"? Read about the preparatory e-discussion on the topic below, which will be held from 23 August - 2 September 2016. 

Being a successful agripreneur is easy! Isn't it?

Agriculture today faces many challenges which create both opportunities and risks for farmers. With a growing recognition of the important role of smallholder agriculture for economic growth and rural development, agripreneurship appears more prominently on the agenda.

Or, as Alpha Sennon, young agripreneur from the Caribbean, founder of WhyFarm (http://whyfarmit.com/), and dedicated defender of the idea of agripreneurship says:

a sennon“Farmers have been branded as an “Old Man” working the lanall day, wearing “burst up” clothing, extremely tired because of the hard work. But: in many countries around the world, where there are limited resources available and a high unemployment rate, agripreneurship becomes a viable option. Indeed, starting an agribusiness is not too difficult and agripreneurship can be easily adopted as something you do to survive. 

In today’s world, with the many challenges agripreneurship is facing, agripreneurship becomes a “must”  rather than a “want to”! You can create your own path in feeding your population. And: Entrepreneurship is associated with technology, science, and engineering - why not apply it to agriculture?”

Do you have reasons why you wouldn’t apply entrepreneurship to agriculture? Is agripreneurship really a sustainable solution to address the challenges in agriculture or just yet another catchword promising the solution to the worlds problems? Is it really that easy to become - and succeed - as an agripreneur? And what can RAS do to help farmers, herders, fishermen and women, young and old, to become successful agripreneurs? 

Discuss these questions, find answers, and hear more success stories and lessons learned in the GFRAS Annual Meeting preparatory e-discussion on the role of RAS in agripreneurship from 23 August – 2 September 2016.