The market place has become a tradition at GFRAS Annual Meetings. Participants can use this occasion to share information on their latest programmes or projects, distribute important publications or present new ideas. The market place this year will run throughout the meeting, with specific slots reserved for participants to visit it during the meeting.

It is open to anyone to share any materials related to RAS. While standard booths and stands usually display brochures, posters, publications, videos etc., proposals to use other types of creative media that can be shown or presented in a limited space are welcome, including exhibitions, poems, musical pieces etc.

Participants who are interested in having a stand at the market place are invited to send their proposal through this form. They will receive a confirmation in due time, and will be also announced in the GFRAS GAM website.

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Note: We cannot provide laptops or screens. Please bring your own laptop or device if needed. Please also bring eventual pens, pins, duct tape, or any other small material needed to set-up your stand.