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1. Basic Contact Information on the Extension Organization
National Directorate of Agriculture and Community Development
Tomoro or Comoro
670 7312327
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South-Eastern Asia
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WWES 2012
2. Legal status of organization
Governmental or ministry-based extension organization
3. Primary Management Authority for this Extension Organization
national level
Please indicate the percentage of funding received from each source
5. Number of Professional and Technical Extension Personnel for Selected Years
(If you do not have data available for some of the earlier years, just provide staffing numbers for those years where accurate data is available)
6. Total Number of Extension Staff by Category of Position, Level of Education, and gender in 2009
10 Subject Matter Specialists and Primary Subject Matter Areas Covered
Please estimate the number of subject matter specialists (SMSs) in your organization that are providing technical, management and other information in different subject matter areas: 
12. Annual Expenditures for Selected Fiscal Years
To the extent possible, please indicate the total annual extension/advisory service expenditures for recent fiscal years. 
13. Clientel served (targeted)
Please specify the primary group or groups that your organization serves (targets) and indicate the relative importance of each group. If more than one group, please indicate the approximate amount of time and effort (as a percentage) that your organization devotes to each group.
14. Allocation of Time by Field Extension or Advisory Staff.

Please indicate how the field extension staff utilize their time between three major categories: 

16. Number of Staff Working in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
15. Primary Extension Methods used by Field Extension Workers

Please indicate the percentage of staff time devoted to each method: 

17. Use of Mass Media and Information Technology (ITC) for disseminating information
Amount published and/or released during 2005-2008
18. Use of Information Technology
19. Pre-Service and In-Service Training Facilities for Extension staff.
20. Transportation

What means of transportation is used by most field extension personnel?

What means of transportation is used by most field extension personnel?
21. Program Planning and Priority Setting
Which system level has primary responsibility for program planning and extension/advisory priority setting (for example, in an annual work plan):

In the case of a public organization:

In the case of NGO, private firm, etc.
Please indicate if representatives of farmer organizations and producer groups are represented on extension advisory boards and committees at the following levels to help establish extension priorities based on farmer’s needs: (check all that apply):
What percentage of these farmer representatives are women?
What role, if any, do farmer groups or organizations play in (check only one box per category):
22.Institutional linkages and partnerships

Please characterize your organization’s active linkages with the organizations listed below:

Please indicate the Total Number and Type of Legal Farmer & Producer Organizations (at all levels) currently operating within the country or other service area (e.g. region, province or district)