Welcome to the 8th GFRAS Annual Meeting!

Rural advisory services and empowered youth for balanced transformation in rural and urban communities

9 - 13 September 2017, Ingham and Townsville, Australia

with side events on 8 and 9 September 2017

held in conjunction with the APEN International conference on "Facilitating Balanced Change for Rural and Urban Communities", 13-15 September, Townsville, Australia



Programme and Content: What, why, in which manner?

Find more information on the agenda, the structure, content and objectives of the meeting here.



Find more information on conditions for participation, maximum number of participants, registration fees, application procedures for GFRAS sponsorship, as well as the registration form here!


Your contribution to the meeting

Find more information on how you can contribute to the meeting with your input and/or how you can participate at pre-meeting activities.


Logistics: When, where, how?

Find more information on the venue, accommodation, travel and other logistics contineously updated here.