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Role of RAS in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

The 10th GFRAS Annual Meeting, whose topic is "Role of RAS in Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management" will take place at Royalton Negril, Jamaica between 30 September and 4 October 2019. Side Events are planned to take place on September 30th, the main meeting between October 1-3, and a General Assembly on October 4th. GFRAS Steering Committee/Board meeting is scheduled to take place between 5 and 7 October. The Annual Meeting is co-organized by the Caribbean Agricultural Extension Providers’ Network (CAEPNet); Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries (MICAF), and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA). The Caribbean Agricultural Extension Providers’ Network will host its Executive Committee Meeting and its annual membership meeting on Sunday, September 29th.


The GFRAS Annual Meeting is a key mechanism for GFRAS to foster learning and exchange and to discuss and strengthen the functioning of GFRAS, regional networks and national fora.

The Annual Meeting contributes to addressing the three strategic fields identified in the GFRAS Strategic Framework, namely:

  1. Advocacy and support for an enabling policy environment and appropriate investment in RAS
  2. Professionalism of RAS
  3. Facilitation and enhancement of effective and continuous knowledge generation and exchange.

Since its inception, the GFRAS Annual Meeting has involved a thematic component, field trips and a functional component (focused on network strengthening). Since 2017, the Annual Meeting also includes a policy dialogue session, to better position RAS and GFRAS in international policy debates, highlight the relevance of RAS to achieving international development goals and to increase the visibility of RAS.

Meeting Objectives

Building on the experience of previous GFRAS meetings, the capacity assessments of GFRAS regional networks, and on the expertise, knowledge, and experiences of participants, the three objectives of the 2019 Annual Meeting are to:

  • identify and define good practices, best-fit approaches, and strategies to develop, strengthen, and maintain resilience in vulnerable communities to climate change and disasters;
  • identify and define ways to build the capacities needed at different levels and by different stakeholders (policy, research, education, extension, farmers) to develop, strengthen, and maintain effective risk management in climate change and disasters including preparation, mitigation, and recovery; and to
  • identify and define the roles and capacities needed by GFRAS and its regional RAS networks to play an important and meaningful role in developing, strengthening and maintaining effective risk management to climate change and disasters.

Concept Note

Concept Note, GFRAS Annual Meeting, 2019