The New Extensionist Learning Kit

image010The New Extensionist is a global view of extension and advisory services (EAS) that reinvents and clearly articulates the role of EAS in the rapidly-changing rural context. It argues for an expanded role for EAS within agricultural innovation systems (AIS) and development of new capacities at different levels to play this role.

The Learning Kit contains several modules designed for self-directed, face-to-face, or blended learning and can be a useful tool for (not exclusively) individual extension field staff, managers, lecturers and non-governmental organisations, and other training institutions. The development process was designed and managed as an iterative journey of broad consultations, discussions, and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.

This learning kit is continuously expanded to include more skills, as they are requested by the GFRAS constituency. Currently, three types of NELK modules are available:

- New Extensionist Training Package: eleven modules elaborated based on the envisaged role of the “New Extensionist” covering relevant capacities required at the individual level for extension workers to operate efficiently in an ever-changing rural background.

- NELK Thematic: there are currently seven modules designed to address emerging trends in agriculture and rural advisory service.

- NELK Technical: this category currently covers two modules focused on specific technical knowledge and skills related to agricultural development.

Modules should be used in conjunction with the workbook provided. It is encouraged that each user starts with Module 1: Introduction to the New Extensionist, as it provides foundation and the context through which the other modules can be understood.  

 Or take a module as an online course and get a certificate!


The New Extensionist Training Package


NELK Thematic

NELK Technical

The course material for the SHEP module will be uploaded soon, but the course is already available to be taken online on the NELK website. The IPM is already available for download.

Customized Modules

The NELK material is open and accessible for all to use and adapt. All it takes is to inform the GFRAS Global Secretariat, who can also provide guidance and support in this matter. There is a growing demand from extension and rural advisory service providers worldwide to customize modules to the local context.

In collaboration with the African Forum for Rural Advisory Services (AFAAS) and Hinga Weze and with support from DLEC, GFRAS supported, for instance, NELK customization in Rwanda based on a needs assessment being conducted by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 

These modules can be accessed here.