Privacy Policy

Why does GFRAS collect data from me?

The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) is a network committed to the exchange of knowledge and experience between and the participatory learning of different individual, groups, institutions, and organisations. A pre-requisite of this exchange is the sharing of a minimum of personal contact information.

All contact or further personal data that you provide to GFRAS to enable it to fulfill its core function will be only used for these core functions. No datasets or any part of it will be forwarded to third parties without your explicit consent.

Where does GFRAS collect data from me?

This policy covers the following services of GFRAS:

  • Website
  • Website
  • The GFRAS Annual Meeting
  • The GFRAS contact database

What data exactly is collected?

a) On

You're free to choose which level of detail of your personal information you're comfortable to share. GFRAS distinguishes the following levels:


  • Regular Affiliate: an email address with an option name.
    This is used as a mailing list for the electronic newsletter of GFRAS. Note that we collect some user data regarding the newsletters (clicked links per user, who opened the newsletters, user IP address/geolocation/browser version/platform) to optimize our services.
  • Registered Affiliate: a full sign-up on the website with name, email, username, password and a number of additional optional data.
    This entitles you to access special features of the website. Additionally, you will be listed in a public list of GFRAS registered affiliates to enable other people to contact you. The contacting itself is done via a website internal messaging system whereby your email address is not revealed.
  • Member of the Roster of Extension Experts: a comprehensive set of data that enhances the profile of a registered affiliate.
    This enables you to promote your services as an expert in your field(s) offering your services to the GFRAS community or people and organisations from outside GFRAS. The GFRAS Roster of Extension Experts constitutes again a public list. The contacting is done with a website internal messaging system, your email address is not revealed.



This website hosts the e-learning platform for the New Extensionist Learning Kit NELK. To start the online modules, a full sign-up on is required. The platform collects some course-specific data (how many tasks are completed, where you stand in the course) that are aimed at facilitating your learning experience. The data is visible to the course administrator(s) but not to other learners.

c) GFRAS Annual Meeting

In the process of the organisation of the yearly GFRAS Annual Meeting, a number of personal data points are collected when you apply for participation. These data points are necessary for the special selection process and to facilitate travel arrangements. All data will be deleted after the event has taken place. The only exception is your email address if you have opted in to receive the electronic newsletter of GFRAS.

d) GFRAS contacts database

GFRAS maintains a contact database of partners and stakeholders. It contains the basic contact information and is purely used inside the GFRAS secretariat for communication purposes.

Social Media Plug-ins

GFRAS uses social media plug-ins to facilitate recommending and sharing our articles on the social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and Facebook. Responsibility for data protection, in this case, lies with the respective providers. Data will only be transferred to the mentioned providers if you are logged in with your profile on the corresponding social network. We have neither influence nor access to cookies which are placed by providers of social networks.

How can I control my data?

You can unsubscribe to the electronic newsletter by a link inside the newsletter. Your address will then be permanently deleted from the mailing list. 

As a registered affiliate or a member of the GFRAS Roster of Extension Experts, you can choose whether your profile is visible to the public or only to other users that have registered. In addition, you can deactivate or delete your profile entirely.

Once logged in to your profile, you can also manage, review, and update your information.

Please contact Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. if you need any more specific information regarding your data.

GFRAS Secretariat, November 2018