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In mExtension, the solution provider and service provider need to keep information updated regularly. Where funding agencies are involved, transparent fund flow is necessary along with internal monitoring and eventual external evaluation. Since numerous stakeholders are involved, with different roles, there should be regular follow-up of work done to ensure proper coordination.

Costs involved

Costs will vary depending on the scale of the project, services provided, and model, but generally fall under the following headings:

  • infrastructure development and procurement 
  • staffing 
  • awareness creation and training 
  • maintenance of infrastructure 
  • costs to generate, curate, evaluate, localise and customise information. 
While the cost of setting up infrastructure for mExtension can be expensive compared to other ICT4RAS, (13)
(13) Saravanan, R., Sulaiman, R.V., Davis, K. and Suchiradipta, B. 2015. Navigating ICTs for extension and advisory services. Note 11 Global Good Practice Notes for Extension and Advisory Services. Lindau, Switzerland: GFRAS.
 the scope for revenue generation is also higher thus giving them better scope for sustainability, a limitation in many ICT4RAS projects.