fca-madagascarIn July the country forum of Madagascar was founded under the name of "Forum of agriculture consultants" FCA (Forum des conseillers agricoles). The forum wants to be a platform for all actors and stakeholders in Rural Advisory Services to exchange knowledge and experiences, to produce and promote innovative approaches and to advocate and foster partnerships and collaborations between the various organisation that are active in RAS. FCA works closely with AFAAS.


 Les politiques des SCR – Données probantes et pratique

La 5e Réunion annuelle du GFRAS se tiendra du 23 au 25 septembre à Buenos Aires en Argentine. La réunion contribuera à un échange de vues sur les services de conseil rural (SCR) et donnera aux participants l’occasion de discuter des orientations stratégiques et du fonctionnement du GFRAS. La rencontre de cette année stimulera les échanges et l’apprentissage des politiques des SCR fondées sur des données probantes  et les mesures à prendre pour les influencer, une étape importante vers des SCR efficaces, le développement rural et la réduction de la pauvreté.

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ruforumOn 22 July, Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) together with the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) and GFRAS hold a side event at the 4th Bienniel Conference of the Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). The side event with the title of "Extension education and training: A link for translating outputs of agricultural science to meet smallholder farmers’ needs in Africa" wanted to explore how outputs of agricultural science can be translated into extension curricula to meet national and farmers’ needs. 

presented by Kristin Davis, GFRAS Executive Secretary

Sanne-Chipeta 4During recent years there has been increased global attention to women’s equal economic opportunities. Women’s roles in agricultural production are a central aspect of this , as well as the perspective of improving food and nutritional security for poor families. Women’s equal access to rural advisory services is therefore crucial.