CFS 41 Look Small ENcfs ms 175The 41st session of the Committee on World Food Security CFS took place at FAO in Rome on 13 - 18 Octobner 2014 under the theme of "Making a difference in food security and nutrition". The CFS 41 informed on the state of food insecurity in the world and seeked to provide guidance around key food security and nutrition issues. Several side events were held, among others to the topics of Building Cohesion on Talent DevelopmentFood Safety and Quality: Essential Ingredients in the Recipe for Food Security Supporting Family FarmingSmallholders’ Access to Inputs in Africa, and The Contribution of Fisheries & Aquaculture to Food Security. GFRAS was represented by Mohammed Ali, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


There is plenty of information available in the public domain that covers various aspects of extension and know-how about new methodologies for implementation.  However this information is often scattered and presented in complex academic language. Hence practitioners, who often have very limited time and/or may only have basic formal education, find it difficult to make use of this information.  

The Global Good Practices Initiative aims to bridge this gap by providing information about extension approaches and methods in easy-to-understand formats. As part of this effort, it makes “Good Practice Notes” available to all on a downloadable website.

RAS policies - evidence and practice

5thannualmeetingThank you all for participating or following the meeting! It was a great pleasure seeing you again, getting to know you for the first time, exchanging experiences and knowledge, and working and learning together. 
In the coming weeks we will publish on this page more videos, pictures and eventually the conclusions and minutes of the meeting and its side events. For now you can find some photos of the meeting on flickr

See you all next year in Kyrgyzstan!


 Les politiques des SCR – Données probantes et pratique

La 5e Réunion annuelle du GFRAS se tiendra du 23 au 25 septembre à Buenos Aires en Argentine. La réunion contribuera à un échange de vues sur les services de conseil rural (SCR) et donnera aux participants l’occasion de discuter des orientations stratégiques et du fonctionnement du GFRAS. La rencontre de cette année stimulera les échanges et l’apprentissage des politiques des SCR fondées sur des données probantes  et les mesures à prendre pour les influencer, une étape importante vers des SCR efficaces, le développement rural et la réduction de la pauvreté.

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aesa-updateTwo meetings, one held in India (26 August 2014) and the other in Bangladesh (1 September 2014) led to the establishment of country level networks of AESA in both countries.