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AFAAS - African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services

afaasAFAAS has the mandate to implement the Agricultural Advisory Services aspects of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) - an African-owned and Africa-led initiative through which interventions to transform agriculture are coordinated.The CAADP has four pillars one of which (Pillar 4) addresses agricultural research, technology dissemination and adoption. Leadership of the implementation of this Pillar is mandated to the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). In this context AFAAS operates under the umbrella of FARA but has its own autonomy and governance structure.  

AFAAS webs

See also the AFAAS country fora:

Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services NIFAEAS  

RESCAR-AOC Réseau des services de conseil agricole et rural d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre

En Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre (AOC), les services de conseil agricole et rural (SCR) peuvent apporter une contribution déterminante pour permettre au secteur rural de jouer pleinement son rôle de levier de développement économique et social. Mais les SCR sont actuellement en pleine recomposition et doivent relever de nombreux défis dont entre autres ceux de la qualité du service, du financement, du renouvellement des approches et outils, et du renforcement de la collaboration avec les secteurs connexes.

APIRAS - Asia Pacific Island Rural Advisory Services

APIRAS Logo 415x155The APIRAS Network’s specific objectives: To carry out advocacy on the provision of rural advisory services (RAS) in the Region To complement efforts of the regional research system as well as higher education institutions, farmer organizations, and other stakeholders in bringing evidence-based results to policy- and other decisionmakers  


AESA - Agricultural Extension in South Asia

aesaThe idea of a portal on Agricultural Extension in South Asia emerged during the consultations on extension and advisory services organised by the APIRAS (Asia Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network) at Los Banos, Philippines (14-15 September, 2011) and the GFRAS (Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services) at Nairobi, Kenya (13-18 November 2011).

AESA website

PIRAS - Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network

PIRAS includes all 22 Pacific Island and member countries of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community SPC Contact: Siosiua Halavatau, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

PIRAS Website

RELASER - Red Latinoamericana de Servicios de Extensión Rural

logo relaser 2The Latin American Network is composed by 12 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is still in its early stages of formation and aims to add more countries of this region to achieve a real integrated vision on RAS in this region.

RELASER website

CAEPNet - Caribbean Agricultural Extension Providers Network

CAEPNet was formed in spring 2013 and is currently determining its structure, organisation and field of actions. Contact:: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

icon pdf Portrait of CAEPNet (pdf 870KB)

EUFRAS - European Forum for Farm and Rural Advisory Services    

Aims of EUFRAS:

  • Advocacy to policy makers and other stakeholders (e.g. EU; global, private sector, farmers organisations)
  • improving the advisory work for farmers + rural actors looking for a minimum standard of advisors competences
  • improving the knowledge and information exchange between science, advice and practice,supporting the EIP initiating cooperation between advisors in the different countries + cross boarder
  • training on the job


Australasia-Pacific Extension Network APEN

APEN-logoThe Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN) is a professional organisation for extension professionals - people involved in community and rural development, adult education, communication and other related fields. Our network presentsre about 500 extension professionals across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. It has active groups in every state of Australia with new ones being added. Our members are from government agencies, private practice and educational institutions.

APEN website      

Central Asia and Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services (CAC-FRAS)

Poor linkages between researchers, advisory services systems, farmers, especially women farmers, private sector stakeholders and policy makers are a common issue in the countries in the Central Asia and the Caucasus (CAC) region. The unsystematic level of interaction undermines the ability of farmers to access and introduce innovative technologies and practices on their farms, and thus deprives them of innovation-based opportunities to improve their productivity, profitability and their livelihoods. In view of this challenge, CACAARI (Central Asia and the Caucasus Association of Agricultural Research Institutes) and CAC-FRAS (Central Asia and the Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services), a still informal regional platform of GFRAS (Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services), have decided to join efforts and undertake joint actions towards strengthening Rural Advisory Service Systems in the region. The goals are to learn from each other, develop common approaches, and coordinate efforts to strengthen agricultural innovation systems in the region.


Regional Conference on Rural Advisory Services (RAS) in Central Asia and the Caucasus (17 - 21 November 2014)


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I would like to get involved in your work and promote it in my country.Iam an environment journalist and community leader
working in rural areas.I am handling a ngo member of the Western and Central Africa network of ngos active in research and agricultural development member of Coraf so i want to get involved.
Roger Pholo