agripreneurshipAs a pre-meeting activity to the 7th GFRAS Annual Meeting an e-discussion takes place from 23 August to 2 September to prepare the topic of "The Role of Rural Advisory Services (RAS) for Inclusive Agripreneurship".

Stephen C. Mukembo gave us a first definition of agripreneurship: “the application of entrepreneurial principles to identify, develop, and manage viable agricultural enterprises/projects optimally and sustainably for profit and improved livelihoods”. How is this different from agribusiness start-ups mentioned by Sivakumar P S? Who are these famous agripreneurs? Farmers? Young business men exploring opportunities in agriculture? Women who venture into off-farm activities? And: Aren’t all farmers agripreneurs?

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CNA AESAOne of the major priorities identified during the first meeting of the AESA (Agricultural Extension in South Asia) network was capacity development of EAS providers. The participants agreed that much more needs to be done to strengthen the capacities and deal with the rapidly evolving challenges in agriculture. The first step in this direction was to assess the capacity gaps among the EAS through undertaking a capacity needs assessment at the national level in select countries in the region.

ws2016In 2012 GFRAS developed the “New Extensionist” document, which details the role that extension plays in an agricultural innovation system, and the strategies and capacities needed (at individual, organisational, and system level). Based on this document the GFRAS Consortium on Extension Education and Training emerged to promote the new extensionist, mainly through training, curricula review, and research on extension. Tapping the knowledge of experts from this field means engaging different stakeholders at the different stages of the development of the learning.

7gam programmeThe 7th Annual Meeting of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) will take place from 3 - 6 October 2016 in Cameroon, with side events on 3 and 7 October. The topic is the Role of Rural Advisory Services (RAS) for Inclusive Agripreneurship. It will be preceded by the Annual Meeting of the West and Central African Network for Rural Advisory Services (in French: le Réseau des Services de Conseil Agricole et Rural d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre, RESCAR-AOC), a GFRAS-GIZ workshop on the Role of RAS in Gender Mainstreaming in Value Chains, and accompanied by other relevant learning events. The meeting is organised by GFRAS in partnership with RESCAR-AOC, the African Forum of Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon.

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GFRAS Social Media Policy Guidelines Page 1For agricultural extension and advisory services (AEAS), social media presents a huge scope not just to communicate to the farmers  better and with efficiency, but also to act as innovation brokers in Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS). And not just for the organizations, social media has made it easier for farmers to communicate with extension professionals, experts and peers in real  time. And with this increased potential to share views and ideas and easy access to information, discretion  becomes important for organizations to maintain professionalism in a new social world.



This publication is based on a study on the use of social media in RAS