FFS c FAO R GangaleThere is plenty of information available in the public domain that covers various aspects of extension and know-how about new methodologies for implementation. However this information is often scattered and presented in complex academic language. It is not standardised in a format that allows easy comparison of approaches. Hence practitioners, who often have very limited time and/or may only have basic formal education, find it difficult to make use of this information. The Global Good Practices Initiative (www.betterextension.org) aims to bridge this gap by providing information about extension approaches and methods in easy-to-understand, standardised formats. It will make “Good Practice Notes” available online, as well as CDs and print.

GFRAS is calling for succinct, simple notes on various aspects of extension and know-how about new methodologies for implementation. Deadline is 31 December 2015.


yurtYouth in Rural Advisory Services are crucial to develop and sustain effective, efficient, inclusive, and sustainable RAS systems. But youth in RAS is a complex issue, with many challenges - and opportunities - faced on different levels by many actors. In the GFRAS creative competition "Youth in RAS" young people working in agriculture and/or RAS were invited to reflect this topic in a creative way. The submissions were presented at the 6th GFRAS Annual Meeting and two winners selected.

video and rasVideos, especially digital ones, are a relatively new technology. Videos may help to meet the challenges of disseminating information to farmers and reaching the poor, marginalised, women, and young people. Some uses of video in agriculture include raising awareness, stimulating demand for support, farmer-to-farmer extension, training on agricultural innovations, stimulating creativity, and as a tool for documenting and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). 

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IssykKul The 6th GFRAS Annual Meeting has sucessfully taken place. We thank all participants for their contributions to rich discussions full of learnings.

Find the presentations, pictures, videos and more on the meeting's webiste.


GFRAS graphic IIThe latest GFRAS brief in the 'New Extensionist'-initiative calls for the reform of curricula and learning materials. It urges decision makers to better balance the training of extension professionals between technical and functional competencies. It promotes the idea of the “extension professional,” and the need for professional associations where extension professionals can exchange experiences and gain new knowledge. Through this brief we aim to influence the direction of pre-service education and training for new staff, and the strengthening the competencies of existing staff (in-service training).

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