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Target audience

Most agriculture workers in the world are women, therefore the programme has specific interest in women farmers. Targeting women has the highest potential to impact household income and livelihoods.

Indonesia: Focusing on women

Improved farming techniques of women have a greater chance of impacting household food security. The Agri-Fin Mobile programme in Indonesia specifically targets women to ensure uptake of bundled services. Training of trainers was provided to 70 female extension workers, who then could train up to 10,000 female farmers. The training content includes mobile and agricultural information, financial services, and financial literacy. The training uses both classroom and digital channels.

In order to roll out the training and achieve targeting of female farmers, the program entered into partnerships with extension offices in three districts. In each district, the head of the extension office assigned a local coordinator to work with the master trainer and coordinate with female extension workers in the sub-district extension offices.

Implementation information

Uganda Strategic Partnerships

Agri-Fin Mobile in Uganda works to increase access and utilisation of agricultural information and financial services to smallholder farmers to increase productivity and incomes through mobile phones. The main programme approach is through strategic alliances with shared values and sustainable business models.

Using ICTs to Improve Farmer Decisionmaking - FARMIS Platform 

Farmis is an ICT business solution that helps farmers with record keeping. Farmis helps farmers and farmer groups with programmes that assist them to automate their business processes. They provide clients with market information such as commodity market prices, marketing offers and opportunities, advisory services, and credit and financial tracking mechanisms.

This video explains how Farmis works.