There is plenty of information available in the public domain that covers various aspects of extension and know-how about new methodologies for implementation.  However this information is often scattered and presented in complex academic language. Hence practitioners, who often have very limited time and/or may only have basic formal education, find it difficult to make use of this information.  

The Global Good Practices Initiative aims to bridge this gap by providing information about extension approaches and methods in easy-to-understand formats. As part of this effort, it makes “Good Practice Notes” available to all on a downloadable website.

The collection of GGP Notes on these pages is continuously enlarged and updated.


0 #1 Carley 31-08-2021 04:56
These quotations are taken from a new book.
“Adjusted for deflation, low nominal interest rates become high real
interest rates, adding to the repayment burden.”

“When deflation occurs, today’s cheap borrowing
.. will turn out expensive...rea l interest rates rise as inflation turns negative.”

“Before the pandemic, the world as a whole was
just over half-way to achieving Puerto Rican default

“Pricing power ... has now disappeared and this loss affects most industries.”

The antidote to excuses from economic pundits:
ebook9781907230 776 see website for links to stores
by country , three print editions. Paperback available now in many countries except USA and UK, hard cover editions USA May
2021, UK August 2021

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