Sustainable Nutrition Manual Part 1: Healthy Humans

This manual is for people who eat, grow or buy food and who want to improve their own lives, their community and the environment that they live in. It has been written for, and by, people living in Malawi, but the ideas in it can be applied anywhere in the world. It is for all people, everywhere, but most of all it is for you. Many people in Malawi have used this manual with great results and, if you use these ideas, you will also be able to:

  • Improve your diet and health
  • Save money that was spent on food, medicines and chemicals
  • Double or triple yields and harvests (or even more!)
  • Reduce the amount of watering in gardens and orchards
  • Reduce the amount of work done on your land and in your home
  • Have healthier plants and animals
  • Reduce infertile and unproductive areas of land
  • Use free resources to improve soil and water in your area

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