Parallel sessions

The following three parallel sessions were held:

Parallel session 1: The role of RAS in empowering youth for sustainable rural-urban transformation

Guiding questions:

  • What are new business, employment and livelihood opportunities in agriculture and agriculture-related domains attractive to youth?
  • What role can RAS play in strengthening the knowledge, values, skills and services needed by youth to overcome the challenges and seize these opportunities?
  • What changes in policy and the capacities of RAS are needed for them for empowering youth?


Parallel session 2:  The role of youth in strengthening RAS to be more inclusive, context-sensitive, and demand-driven for all in the processes of rural-urban transformation

  • What roles and opportunities are there for youth to strengthen RAS in the context of sustainable rural-urban transformation?
  • What challenges are there in engaging youth in the provision of RAS?
  • What changes in policies and the capacities of RAS are needed to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities? Who should be the key stakeholders of this transformation?


Parallel session 3: RAS, youth and rural-urban, urban-rural migration patterns:

  • What is the impact of youth migration patterns on rural areas?
  • How is, can, or should RAS be involved in these dynamics (for example in mitigating rural-urban migration)?
  • What policies and changes are required in the capacities of RAS to accommodate these new dynamics?