Short reports of the Field Trips

Field trip 1: As Sweet as Sugar

Visit to the Herbert dryland sugarcane growing region to view first hand agricultural extension services in action, with a focus on production and natural resource management. Sponsored by Wilmar Sugar.

"Poor/ irrational agricultural practices in the field as well as lack of agricultural extension services can cause huge damage to the whole value chain and weaken its industry. E.g. sugar cane harvest technique linked to sugar content and its quality."

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Field trip 2: Irrigated Agriculture

Visit tp the Burdekin Irrigation Area. View first hand agricultural extension services in sugarcane, rice, pulse crops and horticulture. Sponsored by NQ Dry Tropics NRM.

" (Farming + Research) x Extension = Increased incomes & reduced costs Farming supported by research"

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Field trip 3: Natural Resource Management

Visit to the Hinchinbrook Shire region to view first hand a Landcare project at Insulator Creek, pig management and activities in the Herbert sugarcane area specific to NRM management. Sponsored by Wilmar Sugar and Terrain NRM.

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Field trip 4: Extension and the Great Barrier Reef

Visit to the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

"Ridge-to-reef and systems perspective is critical in understanding how agricultural practices affect marine ecosystems; especially in the context of climate change."

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Field trip 5: Extension in Grazing

Visit to grazing properties to view first hand extension activities in this industry.

"In the context of improved grazing practice to support water quality in the Great Barrier Reef, extension has been successful in promoting Best Management Practices using various strategies, especially one on one contacts."

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Field trip 6: Education and Health

Visit to the Tropical Public Health Unit in Townsville and James Cook University. Sponsored by James Cook University.

"We learned about community based and collaborative design, delivery and evaluation of rural health programs."

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Field trip 7: Gone Tropo

Visit to the Herbert dryland sugarcane, melon and pineapple farming. View first hand agricultural extension services in action, with a focus on production and technology.Sponsored by Wilmar Sugar.

"Farmer-research-extension-industry-machinery together makes better farming."

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Field trip 8: Engaging Youth

Visit to 2 secondary schools in the Ingham region to view first hand trade training facilities used for agriculture and industrial training. The tour will also visit a site were Greening Australia, Conservation Volunteers Australia, the local Catchment Landcare and traditional are working together in the Palm Creek system to restore riparian areas and improve environmental outcomes. Sponsored by Wilmar Sugar and Terrain NRM

"Excellent filed trip. Learned that it is possible to run concurrently: formal curricula and vocational educational training ‘VET’ in high schools, driven by the needs of the community and the industry (sugar). This model could be used elsewhere for more youth opportunities in terms of career path. In Mungalla Youth Programme is a good reflection of engagement between NGO, government and the community for the betterment of youth in the future."

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