GFRAS group photoThe GFRAS Annual Meeting is the central instrument to foster exchange on rural advisory services (RAS) between stakeholders and across regions, and to discuss GFRAS strategic directions and functioning. The GFRAS Annual Meeting contributes to all three GFRAS functions, but mainly to functions 1 (providing a voice within global policy dialogues) and 3 (strengthening actors and fora in RAS).

The GFRAS secretariat, guided by an organising committee, organises the GFRAS Annual meeting in collaboration with GFRAS members. Logistical support is provided by the host of the GFRAS Annual Meeting.

1st GFRAS Annual Meeting, Chile 2010

2nd GFRAS Annual Meeting, Kenya 2011

3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting, Philippines 2012

4th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2013 Germany

5th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2014 Argentina

6th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2015 Kyrgyzstan

7th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2016 Cameroon

8th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2017 Australia

9th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2018 South Korea