Youth Working Group


YWG launchDuring the 8th GFRAS Annual Meeting in Australia in 2017, the theme revolved around youth and how they engage in or are engaged by rural advisory services. A number of the young participants came together during the conference and discussed the idea of strengthening the way forward after the Annual Meeting by creating a Youth Working Group (YWG). This was then proposed in the GFRAS Steering Committee Meeting, which was subsequently approved.

Jon the working group via Slack!


About us

Core Goals

  • Youth Representation
    • To ensure that there is youth representative in crucial policy or other decision-making discussions on RAS initiatives
    • To ensure that the youth will be streamlined in terms of investments for RAS development programs
  • Capacity-building
    • To increase the engagement of RAS on youth and vice versa; believing that RAS can help build youth capacity, while youth can help build RAS creativity
      • Workshops
      • Immersive experiential learning
    • To create regular online discussions to build capacity for RAS engagements
      • Webinar
      • Online advocacy campaigns
    • Knowledge sharing
      • To gather knowledge products on youth in RAS from across the various networks and placed on an online one-stop shop
      • To continuously gather data on youth to build big data analytics that will help GFRAS and partners know more what areas of the youth can be targeted for initiatives


1st webinar: Youth-led RAS Strategies: What now, Where to in Policy and Advocacy within RAS?

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icon pdf Report on the 1st YWG webinar, pdf 445KB