Strengthening capacity needs of RAS networks


Background Information

Regional and sub-regional networks and country fora play a crucial and relevant role in the operationalisation and implementation of GFRAS work and in strengthening and advocating for RAS within their regions. The new GFRAS strategic framework and corresponding five-year operational plan place a strong focus on strengthening the capacities of the regional and sub-regional networks and country fora. Along these lines, GFRAS has been undertaking comprehensive capacity needs assessments with many of its regional networks in the first three quarters of 2016. The assessments covered the general functioning and institutional set-up of the networks, their capacities to advocate for RAS, their knowledge management and ICT capacities, as well as their capacities to support the professionalisation of RAS within their regions and countries.  We used the Annual Meeting to discuss and analyse results of these assessments, and draw general as well as context-specific lessons. The aim was for RAS networks to return to their regions with a roadmap and priorities to work on in order to strengthen their own network’s functioning in 2017, with a special view on their role for inclusive agripreneurship.