dheeraj 3Rajasthan is the largest state of India where 62 percent of total geographical area is under dry desert and livestock rearing is the main stay of rural economy. Feeding of livestock had been a challenging job in western zone of Rajasthan where persistent severe famine and droughts result in poor health and reduced milk production. As the result CAZRI initiated transferring Mulit Nutrient Feed Block (MNFB) technology to livestock owners, which became very popular in villages.

It became impossible for the institute to fulfil the MNFB requirement of livestock owners of the state. Keeping the above facts in mind KVK organised many demonstrations and trainings on balance feeding of livestock. Under this programme, scientists taught the farmers about advantages of feeding MNFB mixture and conducted training programme on its preparation by farmers themselves. Many On-campus trainings were organised workshops at KVK in which livestock farmers from entire district participated. After gaining training, many young farmers became impatient for starting MNFB production. Among them one young farmer Sh. Patel started the MNFB production unit sincerely and with great enthusiasm. Presently, Patel in not only earning Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 per month from self-employment but also providing balanced feed to the livestock of his entire region. His achievement had become a success story for the nation and abroad.

by Singh Dheeraj, India