Blog: Tackling post-harvest losses with a systemic approach

phmWe think that only this way sustainability and scale can be reached. For testing this approach,  pilot projects have been launched in Benin and Mozambique, trying to facilitate systemic changes in terms of post-harvest management.   To trigger the development of value chains for post-harvest management has turned out not to be an easy thing. The raw materials, like quality galvanized metal sheets to produce metal silos, are not available on local markets and entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest as long as there is no manifest demand for post-harvest technologies.

The project therefore puts a lot of effort in demonstrating the benefits of better handling. Furthermore, manuals, videos, and radio emissions have been produced to make it easier for extensionists to train farmers. Now, demand is slowly picking up and enterprineurs are starting to invest into the business. However we still are quite at the beginning and still have a few challenges ahead of us 

by Simplice Davo, Vodouhe, Benin