Blog: We are NEXT

olfindoThey say that it is human nature to always find cause for optimism as expressed in the phrase “hope springs eternal”. I believe that this is true, but in order to have continuous supply of hope, one sector of society must always be considered in all monumental decisions for humanity: the youth.

When it comes to Rural Advisory Services (RAS) in relation to inclusive agripreneurship, the potential role that the youth can play is immense. 

With our farmers getting older, access to technology is becoming increasingly difficult for them. But with the advent of the internet and other modern communication tools, information is now easily disseminated and this is how the youth can create impact. 

Today’s youth are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and have basic access to services such as Short Messaging Services (SMS). With this, young people can provide the farmers information they need: weather warnings, new varieties, government training programs, credit access programs and other processes such as applying for crop insurance can be assisted on by the youth. 

The youth sector plays a key role in any society but has always been relegated to the sidelines when it comes to decision-making. Policies are usually created by highly educated and more experienced people, but if we have the youth actively involved in RAS, they can provide their own perspective and policy-makers should hear them out. Especially since they will be the most affected by the policies created today.

by Josef Olfindo, Philippines