Blog: Why women should be at the center of rural advisory services

lizzy nnaka

In my community, the age distribution is as follows:

  • 35-40% youth
  • 20-30% middle aged (35-55 years)
  • 20% men, aging and aged

All these people are cared of by women and mothers who make things happen and who cater for the households and families. This is the reason why women are the champions of agriculture.  Furthermore they contribute with their meagre earnings towards the household incomes for school fees and food. Framing has been an age long occupation and tradition of women and becomes expecially important in these time where our country is passing through seasons of low oil prices and inreased expenditures for infrastructure, health and services. With the issues of Boko Haram and unemployment, the burden placed on women being mothers and providers incrreases even more.

Also when we mention food, we are talking about quality, food rich in content and in vitamins.This can be produced locally and at very cheap prices - and much of it by women farmers. That is why women should be at the center of rural addvisory services.

by Lizzy Nnaka, Nigeria