Webinar Series: Public-Private Partnerships in Agricultural Extension

GFRAS advocates for pluralistic RAS delivery in order to reach out to farmers with appropriate rural advisory services. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are an important modality for delivering agricultural extension in this respect and also a key element in GFRAS' Last-Mile Programme (funded by IFAD).

GFRAS organises a webinar series on this topic with a first webinar providing an introduction to PPP. Principles, approaches and dynamics as well as an overview of PPP applied in various parts of the world will be presented. Furthermore, experiences from within the GFRAS network will be discussed to highlight best practices and issues and promote cross-region learning.

Confirmed speakers:
* Dr David Spielman (IFPRI)
* Dr Marlo Rankin (FAO)

The first webinar will take place on November 9 – 2021
14:00 – 16:00 CET (Swiss Time)

Registration is available here.

You can also download the event flyer to distribute within your networks:

PPP Webinar Series_1, GFRAS, November 2021