12th GFRAS Annual Meeting - Serbia

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Join us now at the 2021 GFRAS Annual Meeting to participate in a broad discussion on the foundations of agroecology and how it can help build stronger and more resilient communities, support food systems, and aid in the recovery of value chains.



Registration for the 2021 GAM is free and now open!

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Concept Note

Building on the experience of previous GFRAS meetings, the capacity assessments of GFRAS regional networks, and on the expertise, knowledge, and experiences of participants, the three objectives of the 2021 Annual Meeting are to:

● Understand how RAS practices can respond to limitations imposed by COVID-19 restrictions;

● Discuss how agroecology can support reconstruction of value chains, and how RAS can support upscaling agroecology;

● Understand the role of digital tools in supporting these processes, and assessing what we have learned since the start of the pandemic.

The complete concept note, with the overall structure of the meeting, a suggestion for literature on the topic, and a description of the blocks planned is available here:

Concept Note_12th GFRAS Annual Meeting, GFRAS/SEASN/IPN, October 21

Side Events

Are you interested in hosting a side event on November 30th in the context of the GAM? We will support promotion of your event, and you can decide who your audience will be. Apply now here!