The Cyber village project is helping change the lives of rice farmers in pampangaExtension services via short text messages and the internet are changing the livelihoods of rural rice farmers in the Pampanga community in the Philippines.

See some video impressions of the 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting

Climate change is projected to affect global agriculture on which millions of small holder farmers especially in developing countries, depend on their livelihoods, yet the sector features less prominently on the global agenda to find solutions.

Effective extension advisory services policies can harmonize the agriculture sector and spur the productivity of small scale farmers who form the major growers of food in Africa, delegates to the 2012 GFRAS annual meeting in Manila, Philippines heard.

2012-09-29 07.00.43"The trouble with hello is goodbye", Brazilian samba and bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto once said.

For delegates who attended the 3rd GFRAS meeting, co-hosted with Asia-Pacific Islands Advisory Services Network (APIRAS) from 26-26 Sept. 2012, it was not a sad farewell but a celebration of effective networking and a confirmation that those who have met before shall meet again.