Learning and action for enhanced RAS are facilitated by the existence of functional fora and networks. In order to support regional RAS fora and international development institutions in their networking activities, the GFRAS Annual Meeting provides a space to exchange experiences not only in regards to thematic issues, but also related to functional aspects and processes. Fora and networks provide a space for dialogue between partners who jointly plan and implement activities. In order to collaborate, these partners mobilise and share resources and agree on how these will be managed.[1] During the 5th GFRAS Annual Meeting, GFRAS affiliates and members will discuss:

  • Partnerships between and in regions: What are incentives and mechanisms for information sharing between and in regions? How can synergies be identified and used in a way that responds to demands of all involved actors? What creates ownership and reliability in partnerships between and in regions? How can partners manage their scarce resources in an efficient way that contributes to the goals of all involved actors? How can the principle of subsidiarity be discussed and applied in partnerships in regions? What are do’s and don’ts in successful partnerships?
  • Partnerships with policy makers: What do policy makers and RAS fora expect from joint partnerships? How can policy makers be attracted to partnerships with RAS fora? What is the value of RAS fora in policy processes and how can RAS fora interests best be achieved? How can partnerships with policy makers be aligned with other RAS activities?
  • Financial partnerships: What are incentives for financial actors to partner with RAS fora? How can RAS fora ensure mutual ownership for activities to enhance RAS? How can demand-orientation and accountability be achieved in partnerships with financial partners? What are efficient mechanisms for partnerships between RAS fora and financial actors?
  • Partnering with other actors in the agricultural innovation system: What types of partnerships between RAS fora and other actors in the AIS enhance RAS? What aspects lead to efficient and effective partnerships between RAS fora and other AIS actors? What are lessons learnt in regards to ownership of all involved partners?  How can the appreciation of pluralism in partnerships between RAS fora and other AIS actors be increased? What experience exists in regards to enhanced information sharing between RAS fora and other AIS actors?  

After inputs and inter-regional exchange, participants will dialogue within their region and elaborate recommendations to their regional fora and GFRAS.

How to proceed

Participants who are interested to contribute to this plenary session by a poster or other interactive tool should send a short (1-2 page) proposal for the input to the GFRAS secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The proposal should give details on:

  • Title of the input
  • Attribution to one of the three sub-themes: 1) between and in regions, 2) policy makers, 3) financial partnerships or 4) AIS actors
  • Form of the input (poster, videos, etc.)
  • Content: contextualisation, key arguments, conclusions, discussion points
  • Relevance and value added of the input for the discussion on network strengthening through partnerships
  • Contact details, including e-mail address and phone number

Inputs in sub-groups of the plenary will take a maximum 5 minutes, followed by discussion. Please mention in the registration form for the 5th GFRAS Annual Meeting that you have applied to give an input. Only applications of registered participants will be considered.

Input proposals will be reviewed and selected by the organising committee and thematically clustered into sub-sessions. Selection criteria are:

  • Relevance and value added of the input for the discussion on partnerships for network strengthening and the sub-themes of the session
  • Diversity of all selected inputs in regards to content, methodology, and geographic region

The committee may also make suggestions for the final input. Inputs that are not accepted for the plenary can be presented at the share fair.



Due date

Registration for the 5th GFRAS Annual Meeting

10 June if applying for an input

Proposal for an input on one of the sub-themes of network strengthening through partnerships

10 June

Information on acceptance or rejection of proposal by organising committee

16 July

Input elaborated and sent to the moderator

22  August

Input reviewed by the moderator and finalised

5 September

Input presented to sub-groups of the plenary

25 September

[1] Critchley, W., Verburg, M., Veldhuizen L. van (eds) (2006): Facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships: lessons from PROLINNOVA. A publication in the series on Promoting Local Innovation. Silang, Cavite, Philippines: IIRR/Leusden: PROLINNOVA International Secretariat, ETC EcoCulture. 2006.