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27 August 2018 - 31 August 2018

Yaounde, Cameroon

The workshop aims to train experts on the new agricultural extension and advisory techniques in order to give them necessary tools following GFRAS standards and international requirements as far as the agricultural extension an rural advisory services is concerned. 

The workshop is combined with an activity of the Post Harvest Managemnt Program of AFAAS to  share and disseminate information on the existence of technologies and good practices with the aim of building capacity to integrate the promotion of post harvest management within their work.

Hosted by the Cameroon Forum for Agricultrual Advisory Services (CAMFAAS)


17 September 2018 - 21 September 2018

Porto Alegre, Brazil


The International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society represents the efforts of an international community that comprises academic researchers, civil society organizations and policy makers. This community is convinced about the need of bringing food and food-related matters to the core of the debates that involve the main issues challenging humanity in the 21st century, namely: climate change and its impact on water and biodiversity, the pursuit of alternative energy sources, as well as demographic changes.

Accordingly, AgUrb gathers multiple actors involved in agri-food issues in order to reflect and debate about new food production, distribution and consumption strategies to be applied to increasingly urbanized societies in the 21st century.
After two successful European editions, the 3rdInternational Conference Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society – AgUrb – will be held from September 17th to 21st, 2018, in Porto Alegre City, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS.


21 November 2018 - 23 November 2018

Rome, Italy

Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The FAO International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farmers: Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is a direct and firm response to FAO member countries’ enthusiastic encouragement for the Organization to play a strong catalytic and supporting role to empower and family farmers through agricultural innovation.

8 May 2019 - 10 May 2019

Lusaka, Zambia

The 10th ICT4D Conference brings together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community. Participants share how they’ve used innovations in technology to increase the impact of their work. Highly interactive and hands-on, the conference attracts a diverse audience of technical advisors, executives, and others who offer a range of practical insights on applying technology to development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.