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This is the place for discussions and questions about RAS and/or extension.
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... as long as they have something to do with RAS and/or extension.
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Announce your call for papers, your tender, your event or your job offer in this section.
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The Universities’ Consortium on Extension and Advisory Services is an affiliate of GFRAS. It is a platform for academia in universities and other training institutions, researchers in the field of extension, and/or service providers to various clientele along the agriculture value chain and in need of forms of support in rural livelihoods and well-being.
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This section is a discussion space for the INVITATION ONLY seminar "Mobilizing Extension and Advisory Services to Improve Food Security and the Livelihoods of the Rural Poor”, April 17, Washington DC
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Women’s roles in agricultural production are a central aspect of this , as well as the perspective of improving food and nutritional security for poor families. Women’s equal access to rural advisory services is therefore crucial.
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n rural advisory services ICTs have four broad functions namely: (i) addressing the need for localized and customized information, (ii) helping document and store information, (iii) enabling collaboration and partnerships, and (iv) helping rural communities “gain a voice”.
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Policies affect rural development and frame operations, reforms, and incentives on large scale. Still, RAS is considered in few policies. Several RAS fora have started to influence and develop RAS policies. Exchange and learning on evidence-based RAS policies and actions to influence them is needed to accelerate these processes.
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Want to learn more about the topic "The Role of Rural Advisory Services for Inclusive Agripreneurship"? Read about the preparatory e-discussion on the topic below, which will be held from 23 August - 2 September 2016.
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Producer organisations are crucial both on the demand and the supply side of RAS. On the demand side, they identify and synthesise needs, demands, and solutions for farmers. They contribute to monitoring and evaluation of RAS, and participate in policy formulation. On the supply side, producer organisations provide and co-finance RAS activities.
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In this section you find news about activities of the GFRAS Secretariat. You're welcome to comment or give feedback.
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