PIM organized a workshop at IFPRI on October 15-16, 2013. Approximately 35 participants from the CGIAR, universities, multilateral agencies, NGOs, regional networks, private sector, and donor organizations attended the event. The aim of the workshop was to prepare the ground for developing a coordinated research program on extension led by PIM and addressing not only the CGIAR but the development community more broadly. Participants heard presentations on innovative approaches to extension, extension needs and programs in the different regions, and extension research areas. They discussed how extension has evolved from the old “training and visit” model to a complex and pluralistic environment, with extension playing the role of a broker between different actors. See also

Aporto a su organización un trabajo de caracterización que tuve la oportunidad de elaborar sobre la caracterización de la extensión rural en América Latina y el Caribe. Espero que sea de interés.

Les aporto este documento con algunas ideas sobre aspectos institucionales de la extensión rural. Espero que sean de interés

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