Who can host the GFRAS Annual Meeting

In addition to regional and sub-regional RAS fora, GFRAS invites all interested networks and organisations to apply to host the GFRAS Annual Meeting. The GFRAS steering committee selects the host based on the following criteria (in order of relevance):

  • Willingness and demand of the potential host of the GFRAS Annual Meeting
  • Capacity of the potential host in regards to human resources and logistical, administrative, and financial experience
  • Strategic opportunities to promote RAS and GFRAS, e.g. by reaching to a new segment of affiliates, strengthening partnerships with new organisations, and strengthening regional and sub-regional RAS networks
  • Rotation of the GFRAS Annual Meeting between regions and countries to allow global attendance
  • Role of the potential host in RAS, agriculture innovation systems, and rural development
  • Security aspects for participants and political stability of the host country
  • Rotation of the GFRAS Annual Meeting between sectors (public, private, civil society) and actors related to RAS (production, research, education, and others)
  • Opportunity for GFRAS to gain synergies with other events related to rural advisory services (RAS)
  • Cost and logistical considerations

The host does not need to fulfil all of the listed criteria.

Find more information in this document.